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Colby Shooting Club FAQ

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Yes, the club is 24 hours to members with the small acceptation of pre-approved events

Full members are welcome to bring guests, a maximum of 2 per visit, to enjoy all aspects of Colby Shooting Club. There is a $20 fee for brining guests.

We do not allow 50BMG. We are only restricted by a speed of 3500 FPS.

Yes, our inside 4 lanes are approved for shotgun. No steel shot.

No, we do not allow steel shot or bio-metal shot of any kind on our range.

Yes, we have approved targets on the range for members and guests to use.

The archery range can be rented out during Shooter’s Choice store hours to shoot. The firearms range is currently members only.

Yes we do, you can contact us using the contact us on the website.

Yes we do, please contact us for more information.

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